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In addition to regular damage, many heroes in Bloodline are capable of both inflicting and receiving Status Ailments which plague their victims with all sorts of penalties.

List of AilmentsEdit


Prevents use of one’s Ultimate Skill. Can be cured using Cleansing T.


Renders a hero unable to do anything besides take damage; can be cured with Awakening P.


Turns its victim into stone. Functions similarly to Paralyze, but the victim gains DEF as well. Can be cured with Awakening P.


Does damage over time; can be cured with Antidote.


Turns a hero into a bony wimp, severely reducing DEF and ATK. Can be cured with Elixir P.


Reduces a hero’s ATK. Can be cured using Intensify T.


Reduces a hero’s DEF. Can be cured using Hardening T.


Reduces a hero’s REC. Can be cured with Elixir P.

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