Final bstSnapshot 75198
Star 5 / 5


Job Priest
Cost 13

20000 Gold, 20 Crystal

Limit Break 4
PWR 312
HP 3445
ATK 1527
DEF 1273
REC 1415
Job Advancements Divine Messenger, Archon     
Fate Link Heroes Sorcerer RonDark Lilo.ITyris

A monster hunter medic, Kane's brutal methods rely on stimulants instead of magic. He and Tyris ran afoul of the Holy Land and are now allied with the heretics.

Ulti Skill

Ultra Stimpak

Kane increases his squad's ATK by 50% for the next 2 rounds.


Placebo Powder

Kane radiates intoxicating fumes from his bag of herbs. Recovers 3% HP for every squad member at the start of each round.

Leader Skill

Combat Science

All squad members receive 10% less damage and gain 10 Fury each round.

Fate Link Skill


Kane increases his own HP by 10%. When his HP is less than 50%, damage received is reduced by 25%.

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