Star 5 / 5


Job Sorcerer
Cost 13

20000 Gold

20 Crystal

Limit Break 4
PWR 238
HP 3084
ATK 1504
DEF 1074
REC 1844
Job Advancements Wizard, Mage         
Fate Link Heroes Last , Ruthtria , Recast Witch

A master of Golem summoner, Destroyer Roy has been seeking his lost memories in hopes that remembering them will make him a more powerful sorcerer.

Ulti Skill


Roy deals moderate Thunder Element damage to the entire enemy’s squad.


Hidden Blow

At full HP, CRI hit rate is greatly increased. When Roy is placed in the same squad with a Golem, his ATK stat is also increased slightly.

Leader Skill

Thunder Fury III

All Thunder Squad members deal 50% more damage.

Fate Link Skill

Force Shield

The golem uses force shield on Destroyer Roy, reducing all damage dealt to Roy by 25%.

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