Star 5 / 5


Job Warrior
Cost 12

20000 Gold, 20 Crystal

Limit Break 4
PWR 228
HP 4401
ATK 1061
DEF 1001
REC 1101
Job Advancements War God, Life Drinker                        
Fate Link Heroes Mysterious Zan, Empress Ivy, Sorcerer Ron

The leader of the Gray Dwarves and daughter of Steel Furnace Hall King Guang Hui Lu Xin, Cora has the ability to turn whatever she wields into a weapon.

Ulti Skill

End Force

Cora summons the Dwarf's Hammer, dealing moderate Fire damage to all enemies.


Angel Grace I

Cora roars after receiving a CRI hit, raising the CRI hit rate of the whole squad by 10% for the next attack.

Leader Skill

Dwarf Chief

Gains 100% more max HP and deals  50% more damage.

Fate Link Skill Dwarf Chief's effect increases by 30%. This Linkage does not increase COST.

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