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The Challenge mode is best thought of as a much tougher, gauntlet-style counterpart to Quest Mode. In this mode, you participate in battles that conclude with a boss fight. Successfully defeating this boss will win you, among the usual rewards like Gold EXP, a hero fragment of the defeated boss that you can eventually exchange for a rare hero or above at the Divine House once you collect enough.

You can participate in a Challenge stage five times a day, but each battle will only count towards your quota if you win. In other words, you can participate in and win a battle five times each day, but there is no limit to the number of times you can lose.

Just like in Quest Mode, defeating a stage in Challenge Mode with a 3-star rating will allow you to raid that specific stage so long as you have enough Stamina.

Blood MoonEdit

1. Contract

Reward: BloodDemon Rin (Dark) Fragment x1(10) (3/3 Star)

2. Peaceful Return

Reward: Princess Nina (Earth) Fragment x1(10) (3/3 Stars)

3. March On

Reward: Insane Rick (Thunder) Fragment x1(10) (3/3 Stars)

4. Temporary Retreat

Reward: Monk Dagan (Light) Fragment x1(10) (3/3 Stars)

5. The Leader!

Reward: FirstMate Kate (Water) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

6. Nun and Knight

Reward: Battle Riya (Water) Fragment x1(30) (3/5 Stars)


1. Still Human

Reward: Phoenix (Fire) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

2. Dragon

Reward: Wood Dragon (Earth) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

3. Wrathful Retribution

Reward: Thunder (Thunder) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

4. 2 Against 2

Reward: Hell Elegy (Water) Fragment x1(10) (3/3 Stars)

5. Sword Kiraeld Combo

Reward: Disciple Eagle (Thunder) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

6. War Maiden

Reward: Sinner Pep (LIght) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

7. Heroic Dawn

Reward: Swordsman Dawn (Earth) Fragment x1(30) (3/5 Stars)

Secret TowerEdit

1. The Escaped One

Reward: Archangel Yuri (Light) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

2. Berserk Mountain Man

Reward:Golem (Earth) Fragment x1(30) (3/5 Stars)

3. Duel of Sorcerers

Reward:Recorder Gary (Thunder) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

4. Invisible Sword

Reward:Water Dragon (Water) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

5. Treasury Guard

Reward:Sorcerer Rogge (Dark) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

6. Unify with Tower

Reward:Humanoid Nana (Light) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

7. Awaken Linda

Reward:Maid Linda (Thunder) Fragment x1(30) (3/5 Stars)

Witch HuntEdit

1. Formation

Reward:Worshipper Eagle (Light) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

2. Eye of God

Reward:Knight Owl (Water) Fragment x1(10) (3/3 Stars)

3. Fire Stopper

Reward:Addict Oxi (Water) Fragment x1(10) (3/3 Stars)

4. Iron Wall

Reward:Knight Shilda (Light) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

5. Heart Kiraeld

Reward:Demon Medusa (Dark) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

6. Valley Battle

Reward:Sacred Horos (Fire) Fragment x1(10) (3/3 Stars)

7. Hell on Earth

Reward:Sacred Zinc (Fire) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

8. Dark Tower

Reward:Traveller Anna (Fire) Fragment x1(30) (3/5 Stars)

War of Red DoorEdit

1. Red Door

Reward:Werewolf Claw (Fire) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

2. Undead Army

Reward: Private Sean (Thunder) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

3. Oracle Troop

Reward: Elite Nun Eve (Light) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

4. Twin Swords

Reward: Ken (Light) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

5. Impasse

Reward: Hope Soldier (Water) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

6. Dragon Justice

Reward:Ash Kira (Fire) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

7. Boarding Ship

Reward: Ironhand Eron (Light) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

8. Conquer Ship

Reward: Warlock Gina (Fire) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

9. Heaven Army

Reward: Dark Seth (Dark) Fragment x1(30) (3/5 Stars)

Abandoned SeaEdit


1. Abyssal Entry

Reward : Saint Amy ( Water ) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

2. Ship Cemetery

Reward : General Leo ( Dark ) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

3. Decay Forest

Reward : Avenger Vic ( Earth ) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

4. Hell of Magma

 Reward : Wolf Rider ( Fire ) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

5. Mystic Castle

Reward : Dragonite Ara ( Water ) Fragment x1(30) (3/5 Stars)

6. Liberty City

Reward : Thunder Ivy ( Thunder ) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

7. Oracle Retuns

 Rewards : War slave ( Water ) Fragment x1(10) (3/3 Stars)

8. Hades

Rewards : Commander Fina 5* ( Light ) Fragment x1(30) (3/5 Stars)

Will of GreatnessEdit

1. Eternal Dream

Reward : Elder Dragon ( Earth ) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

2. Vamp Campus

Reward : Bloodlady Shaya ( Fire ) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

3. Separation Day

Reward : Healer Alsy ( Light ) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

4. Behind The city

Reward : Diviner Ui ( Earth ) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

5. Underworld

Reward : Sorcerer Uygur ( Water ) Fragment x1(30) (3/5 Stars)

6. Tower Secrets

Reward : Trader Shan ( Fire ) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

7.  Dark History

Reward : Trader Rena ( Fire ) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

8. Nightmare

Reward : Messenger Belle ( Water ) Fragment x1(20) (3/4 Stars)

9. Set Sail Again

Reward : Apprentice Ash ( Earth ) Fragment x1(30) (3/5 Stars)

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